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I have a DomainService which I am trying to delete records from.

Assuming the following rough code server-side method:

public IQueryable<Employee> GetAllEmployees()
    DataLoadOptions loadOpts = new DataLoadOptions();
    loadOpts.LoadWith<Models.Employee>(e => e.PhoneNumber);

    this.DataContext.LoadOptions = loadOpts; 
    return this.DataContext.Employees;

This means that when I load all my employees, all their Phone Numbers are included.

I can do the following client side code, with phoneNumber being an entity:


This, as I understand it, removes the relationship between Employee and PhoneNumber entitities, but what I really want is the complete removal of PhoneNumber from the database. How can I accomplish this?

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Is the relationship between Employee and PhoneNumber 1:1 or 1:M? –  Rus Apr 6 '11 at 20:01

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Assuming PhoneNumbers is also an Entity on the Client side, then you can do the following:

domainContext.Employees.PhoneNumbers.Remove(phoneNumber); // remove relationship
domainContext.PhoneNumbers.Remove(phoneNumber); // remove entity
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+1, This is extremely important information. –  Alastair Pitts Sep 5 '11 at 1:05

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