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Trying to import to SQL Db from flatfile.. But its throwing error.. 'Bulk-insert' failing with SQL Server Destination in SSIS. Googling led me to this solution . But I realized there is no 'Ole Db Destination' in my SSIS BIDS..! Am I missing something it my VM 2008 Server 64bit and SQL Server 2008 R2?! :O

Now am using 'ADO.Net' Destination which is so slow for my purpose.. Did anyone else face the same prob..?

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Rightclick the toolbox area and select "Choose Items" - look for the SSIS Data Flow Items, see if you can find the OLE DB Destination there. It should be built-in so not missing from that list.

SQL Server Destination only supports local - so you cannot use that destination for a remote SQL Server Instance. enter image description here

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thank you so much, cairnz.. !!! Yes, its ryt there..!! – hillary Apr 6 '11 at 13:42

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