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I am using this basic piece of code:

$parts = explode (".", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);

it works but here are the limitations I have not been able to overcome:

1) It only pulls the 1st part e.g.Name1.Name2.domain.com is only read as name1 and the second part of the subdomain is ignored.

2) All letters are forced to lowercase e.g. Name1 becomes name1

I would like to pick up the two (or more) parts of the subdomains as a userName variable and I would like the . (dot) in between the words to represent a space.

I have been banging my head against the wall and been trying to crack this for some time now, any help from a new set of eyes and a clear head would be appreciated.

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You cannot save the case. Domain names are always sent lowercase by the browser. This is from RFC1035 (DNS) about domain names:

Note that while upper and lower case letters are allowed in domain names, no significance is attached to the case. That is, two names with the same spelling but different case are to be treated as if identical.

The RFC2616 (for HTTP) also states that domain name comparison should be done case-insensitive. You will have to deal with this some other way, for example by comparing the name with a database.

The first problem is easier to solve:

$parts = explode (".", $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
//drop irrelevant parts (change the number if you have more than two parts in your own domain):
$parts = array_slice($parts, 0, -2);
$name = implode(' ', $parts);
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