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Using dojox.mobile I simply want to create a ListItem, and at a later point change the text.

I cannot get this to work as it simply doesn't change.


var listWidget = dijit.byId("list");
var listItem = new dojox.mobile.ListItem({
    id: "listitem_1",
    icon: "icon.png"
    moveTo: "anoterView",
    label: "Initial label"

var listItem = dijit.byId("listitem_1");
listItem.set("label", "this is an updated label");

Any ideas?

BR calo

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are you sure you meant routeItem in that last line?? Is that an error in your code or just your paste here? –  mrtom Apr 6 '11 at 7:02
edit your post please –  Jeff Atwood Apr 11 '11 at 7:49
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dijit.byId('routeItem').set("label","this is an updated label");

This has worked for me but different properties work in wierd ways! RightText can only be achieved through this method by setting the Icon can't! Dave

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This has worked for me for updating the rightText. I think should work to update the label as well

 var execListNode = document.getElementById("execCntLi");
 var rtText = execListNode.getElementsByClassName("mblListItemRightText")[0]; 
            box.innerHTML = execCnt;

Thanks NJ

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