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how to create installer of .sh file on linux ,so that i can install it using yum command

plz anybody help me?

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Your question is: "How can I package a single script into a RedHat RPM?" –  Steve-o Apr 6 '11 at 5:41
Found an example here: lincgeek.org/blog/?p=303 –  Steve-o Apr 6 '11 at 5:47

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I'm not very familiar with the Fedora ecosystem but as far as I know, yum is a layer on top of plain old rpm to resolve dependencies and fetch packages which it installs. The rpm format contains metadata that the package maintenance system can use to keep track of what is installed, what was pulled in etc.

A shell script doesn't have any of this so it doesn't really fit into the whole scenario properly. If you want your application to be installable via. yum, you'll need to package it as an rpm and make the repository available.

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