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I have string like #ls/?folder_path=home/videos/

how i can find last text from string? this place is videos

other strings like

  • #ls/?folder_path=home/videos/
  • #ls/?folder_path=home/videos/test/testt/
  • #ls/?folder_path=seff/test/home/videos/
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You should provide at least a few different strings... – CAFxX Apr 6 '11 at 6:13
Do you always have / at the end? – Harry Joy Apr 6 '11 at 6:14
@Harry Joy yes always – Efazati Apr 6 '11 at 6:18
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We could use a few more example strings, but based off of your one and only example, here's a rough regex to get you started:



Based on your extended examples:


This regex will consume text until the second to last / and capture until the last / in the string.

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This will work even if the string doesn't end in / var str;

var re = /\w+(?=\/?$)/;

str = "#ls/?folder_path=home/videos/"
str.match(re) ; //# => videos

str = "#ls/?folder_path=home/videos/test/testt/"
str.match(re) ; //# => testt

str = "#ls/?folder_path=seff/test/home/videos/"
str.match(re) ; //# => videos

str = "#ls/?folder_path=home/videos/test/testt"
str.match(re) ; //# => testt
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This regex will match all non / between the last two /. Where the last / is optional. The $ is matching the end of the string.

Your resulting string is then in the first capturing group (because of the ()) $1

You can test it here

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There are many ways to do this. One of them:

var str = '#ls/?folder_path=home/videos/'.replace(/\/$/,'');
alert(str.substr(str.lastIndexOf('/')+1)); //=> videos

Alternative without using replace

var str = '#ls/?folder_path=home/videos/'
   ,str = str.substr(0,str.length-1)
   ,str = str.substr(str.lastIndexOf('/')+1);
alert(str); //=> videos
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If your data is consistent like this string, this is a simple split based way to retreive your required string:

var str="#ls/?folder_path=home/videos/";
var strArr = str.split("/");
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If it always ends with / then this will works.

var str = '#ls/?folder_path=home/videos/';
var arr = str.split('/');
var index = arr.length-2;
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If the last word always enclosed with forward slashes, then you can try this -


or in regex notation

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