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I have a drop down list.I want to add images along with it. I tried adding img tag inside option tag...but still the images are not getting displayed How do I do it using option tag??

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It's not possible, as <option> only supports text.

You may have to roll your own drop-down control using complex HTML/CSS/JavaScript. How to do it may or may not be within the scope of your question.

Alternatively, you may use a non-repeating background-image and apply some padding on the text to achieve a similar effect. But if each <option> is to have a unique image, your code is going to be polluted with a style attribute for every single <option>. If you don't mind that, it's fine. Otherwise, roll your own somehow.

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You can try this : http://bug7a.github.io/iconselect.js/

I got this answer in How to add a images in select list

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