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Does anyone know a way to get the index of the element in a ui:repeat facelets tag?

<ui:repeat id="topTenGrd" var="dream" value="#{dreamModifyBean.topDreams}">
    <h:outputText class="dream-title uppercase" value="#{dream.number}. #{dream.title}" />
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Specify a value for the "varStatus" attribute:

<ui:repeat id="..." var="..." value="..." varStatus="myVarStatus">

You can then access the loop index via EL:


Additionally, the following properties are available to the varStatus:

  • begin of type Integer
  • end of type Integer
  • index of type int
  • step of type Integer
  • even of type boolean
  • odd of type boolean
  • first of type boolean
  • last of type boolean

For more details, see:


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