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if I have a file open in gvim and it get modified by an external program I end up with my buffer filled with this error and no possible escape but closing vim is there a good solution to this?

E813: Cannot close autocmd

using vim on linux if that matters.

BRG Anders Olme

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Perhaps reading :help E813, will help you find clues to your problem.

At the end it says:

There is one situation where you get the message while there is nothing wrong: On a Win32 system on the day daylight saving time starts. There is something in the Win32 libraries that confuses Vim about the hour time difference. The problem goes away the next day.

Is it possible this is you or has this problem been happening over a period of time?

My other thought is this is some autocmd gone awry which means something in your .vimrc or a plugin is messed up. Try commenting out your .vimrc and running vim with --noplugin option and see if you can still recreate the problem

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Get it on any files today it was the pom file that got updated via maven release plugin. Got a couple of plugins like nerdtree and such.. Maybe they are the cause. –  Buzzzz Apr 6 '11 at 7:05

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