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I'd like to make at evere onunload event a jQuery call which toggles a few divs in one second. And then I'd like to do the unload.

How can I time out the unload for one second and make a jQuery call in this time?

Thanks for help!



Ok, I think, the most passable solution is instead of an usual link every link gets a javascript call like this:

<a href="link('http://google.ch')">Google</a>

And the Function link:

function link(param) {
    //Here a for loop to toggle all the divs what I wanted before...

But thanks for help ;)

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Not sure what you want to do here, to call something once in a seconds time use setTimeout(function() {}, 1000); and every second setInterval(function() {}, 1000); –  James Kyburz Apr 6 '11 at 6:49
I want to toggle a div close before unload, so it looks better. And to do the slideToggle, I need one second time before the page unloads. –  Florian Müller Apr 6 '11 at 6:56

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beforeunload's event can only be halted with a blocking action such as alert(), prompt(), etc...

So if you tried to call a function in that event, it is most likely the browser will simply ignore it.

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