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Is there a way to remove markers from a GMapPanel? I was looking through the GMapPanel code and only saw a function that hides the markers on the map. I'm trying to remove markers so i can re populate the map with new markers.

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part of this link :

addMarker : function(point, marker, clear, center, listeners){


    if (clear === true){
    if (center === true) {
        this.getMap().setCenter(point, this.zoomLevel);

    var mark = new GMarker(point,marker);
    if (typeof listeners === 'object'){
        for (evt in listeners) {
            GEvent.bind(mark, evt, this, listeners[evt]);


it appears that .addMarker(false, false, true, false, false);

or try calling: this.getMap().clearOverlays();

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Thanks! the .addMarker(false,false,true,false,false); worked! –  MBU Apr 9 '11 at 1:46

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