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I'm actually consuming a web service in a Console Application in C# .NET And this Service is written in PHP and I don't have the sources. So in there Enum types they have all they want : "?" "." numebrs, string ...

And so when it's interpreted by my application, I have : Item, Item0 ... with the XmlAttribute.

What I want to know is : Is it possible to have a class which override these enums to have "point" replacing "." and other which is not deleted each time I update my web reference ?

Thanks for your reply

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Well I'am not pretty sure if you can override the enum which is generated when creating the service reference.

Maybe this is a solution for you:

When the service reference is generated, the .cs file that is generated is a partial class. You could create yourself another partial class with the same namespace. Within that class you can create a method or property that returns the converted enumtype. This file won't be overriden when you update your service reference.


(Generated service reference class)

public partial class ServiceReferenceComplexType
    public enum EnumValues

(Self created partial class)

public partial class ServiceReferenceComplexType
    public string GetCorrectEnumValue()
        // Do your enum logic magic.

You can now use the ServiceReferenceComplexType.GetCorrectEnumValue() method to retrieve your value.

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Thanks A lot for your quick response it works –  Silberfab Apr 6 '11 at 8:03
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