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I cant even get to work the PrimeFaces showcase code at all. What is the type of the Document` in the JavaBean code? In the older version of the free User Guide there is a different type of implementation for this TreeTable component.

enter image description here

Which implementation is correct? Is the Showcase showing wrong code?

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Maybe the Primefaces showcase displays an old version of the DocumentsController class.

I found a different one in the Primefaces sources containing selectedDocument of type TreeNode and not Document.

You will find older versions of this class there as well for comparison.

Hope this helps.

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I tried the older version also. It either is not working. How it is running in the showcase i wonder :) –  Selvin Apr 6 '11 at 7:33
I think the source from the link is the most recent version. What does it mean not working? Please add some code / error messages. –  Matt Handy Apr 6 '11 at 7:59
if you can try the code from the showcase, it is causing an error. It comes some property not found messages for each p:column. Im going to use h:dataTable instead of this buggy TreeTable –  Selvin Apr 6 '11 at 10:25
@Selvin : Hi Selvin, Sorry for asking you after a very long time. Me too getting the same problem. To make it work, what I have to do ? –  ArunRaj Apr 26 at 9:53
@ArunRaj Not a problem. I distinctly remember that I was not able to overcome this problem and finally I fell back using h:dataTable instead of treeTable. You could ask this question to Cagatay who is the owner of primefaces development. Not in SO, may be in one of his forums. –  Selvin Apr 28 at 7:02

It's not an error. The Document class is your bean you want to show in each row. It's your data model. Every TreeNode contains variable "data" of type Object - you can put there just String or any POJO you want - in this case a (custom) Document class instances.

So, if you write your own JavaBean Abc

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