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Can someone clarify foreign keys in the Android database environment?
I have successfully established the databases with all the bells and whistles.

But I can't find working information on how to connect two databases with foreign keys?

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did you mean two tables with foreign keys? You can't really link databases together with foreign keys, since in SQLite a database is simply a file. –  skabbes Apr 6 '11 at 9:41

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Have a look at the SQLite documentation on the topic Foreign Key.

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There is no reason to link databases, so I assume you mean tables. You can easily link tables by referring an id in one table to another using the references row(table) statement.

My database has students in one table and grades in another. Each grade refers to the student by id like this:

Table Students:

studentname  text  
studentemail text  
studentid integer primary key autoincrements

Table Grades:

grade integer  
student integer references studentid(Students)  
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should be references Students(studentid)... –  woojoo666 Jul 21 at 23:41

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