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I recently took a look at SubSonic and have to say was very impressed however there was one area that basically made the decision for me not to use it. I was wondering if anyone else felt this way or has a solution or idea of how I can resolve this cleanly.

My issue with SubSonic is that by default it creates string properties as NOT NULL in the database and that if I want to have NULL string columns then I have to decorate my object model with [SubSonicNullString]. That for me made the decision not to use it as my object model shouldn't care what ORM its using and as a general rule I don't let my areas of concern bleed into each other.

Now I know the whole point of SubSonic is that it free's you from the likes of NHibernates xml files and surrounding verbosity, but dirtying my object model in the process isn't an option.

Anyone else have a similar opinion?


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