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I am getting a request data and putting it in NSString. after that, I am getting the following string,


The thing I have to ask is, I want to get the "form_id" from this string which is "723". so, How do I get that?? I want to get the form_ID for a request everytime. So, kindly help me out of this.

Thanking you.

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if you would like to try this: Let me know if it works.

NSInteger formId;
//separate the whole string first by "&" characters
NSArray *array = [myString componentsSeparatedByString:@"&"];
for (NSString *queryString in array)
    //for every separated string, look if you have the "form_id" key
    NSRange range = [queryString rangeOfString:@"form_id=" options:NSLiteralSearch];
    if (range.location != NSNotFound)
       NSLog(@"form_id query string does exist");
       //form_id= has 7 characters, pick the character which comes after the "=" sign.
       NSString *value = [queryString substringFromIndex:8];
       formId = [value integerValue];

That solution is assuming that you only have 1 "form_id".

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These options are more intended for URL arguments parsing, which you are trying to do.

1. Range search : for a word, a character

most efficient but can be fastidious to write... (and read!)

See rangeOfString: and its friends on NSString documentation

2. Split

quick and elegant to write, but not so efficient

Since it is a URL argument style string, it is easily parsable by splitting on & and = witch can be done easily using componentsSeparatedByString: or componentsSeparatedByCharactersInSet:

3. Regular expressions

clean code, powerful

Regular expressions are imho the best choice to manipulate text, but they can be harder to use/learn than previous solutions. To use regular expressions I suggest two options:

  1. iPhone OS >= 3.2 has regular expressions :

    NSString rangeOfString:options:NSRegularExpressionSearch

    But this is close to option 1.

  2. RegexKitLit, with provides an excellent regular expression engine on OSX/iOS would provide, imho, the best and most powerful solution to your problem (and many others!!!)...

4. Other Kits/API/SDK

the missing api/toolkit/sdk? don't write code thousands people already wrote...

  1. I wished that NSURL would support URL arguments, for parsing and build urls... but it does not.
  2. I don't know a good URL parsing/toolbox library that offers such URL Arguments manipulation tools (Google Toolbox does not provide such URL arguments tools except for escaping which is already really useful) but I'm sure that exists! And a good library, with tested and reliable code would be for sure your best solution...

5. Others... there are many

I forgot to mention NSScanner which I never really looked into (bad me) More generally, Apple documentation on this topic is interesting.

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+1 Brillant answer! –  Mat May 2 '12 at 22:13

Try this :

[myString substringToIndex:index];
[myString substringFromIndex:index];
[myString substringWithRange:range];


if ( [yourString rangeOfString:@"form_id"].location == NSNotFound )
NSLog(@"form_id not found");
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Use 'rangeOfString:options:range:' start by searching the entire string for "form_id=" and then search from where that was found to for an "&". You will need to handle the case where the ampersand isnt found (when form_id is the last in the list).

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You can use NSScanner object too. Like-

NSScanner *scanner = [NSScanner scannerWithString:reqData];  
[scanner scanUpToString:@"form_id" intoString:nil];  
[scanner scanUpToString:@"&" intoString:&strObj];  
valueStr = [strObj substringFromIndex:1]; 
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