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scala> val xml1 = <a method="1" href="2" ref="3" onclick="4">Hello</a>
xml1: scala.xml.Elem = <a ref="3" href="2" onclick="4" method="1">Hello</a>

scala> val xml2 = <a ref="3" href="2" onclick="4" method="1">Hello</a>
xml2: scala.xml.Elem = <a href="2" ref="3" onclick="4" method="1">Hello</a>

scala> xml1 == xml2
res8: Boolean = false

As the sample, xml1 and xml2 have same content, but the attributes have different orders, and the result is false. So, how to compare such xmls?

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This looks like the tool for you:

xml-test: A diff-like tool for XML

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thank you very much! –  Freewind Apr 13 '11 at 3:23

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