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I have to manually migrate a Joomla website to another server (shared hosting). Our current site is still an old joomla version (1.5.9) so I wanted to start from a clean install (1.5.22) and then migrate everything. Are there any components that would help with this?

I learned the DB schema is identical so I could just restore my old database but how to quickly migrate all components/modules/plugins with their settings and the general settings coz I assume those are not stored in the DB? So any component that can export-import all that?

I only have FTP access to both account btw.

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I would seriously suggest downloading a copy of the site, creating a local install, doing the upgrade and then uploading the upgraded version to your new server.

Of course the complexity will depend on how frequently content change on your site.

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I suggest you to use Akkeba Backup, it is a good and popular extension. It installs as a component and provides a backup functionality at the Joomla backend (/administrator).

About the update, take a look here. Download and extract it into your joomla installation, preferably on your new installation.

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