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Does the Scribe OAuth library (written in Java) support 3-legged OAuth?

Here someone says it's for 2-legged only:
How do I use OAuth within my GWT application?

[...] this is because scribe is for 2-legged-auth [...]

But in a code snippet on this blog post: Two-Legged OAuth in Java (using Scribe) to Access SimpleGeo
I read:

[...] for 3-legged you would need to request the authorization token [...]

which gives me the impression 3-legged OAuth is possible, albeit I don't know how easy or hard it would be. (I'm new to OAuth.)

(What is 3-legged OAuth? Search for "3-legged", here.)

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Yes, scribe does support 3-legged OAuth. You can try its examples that do exactly the 3-legged OAuth. You do need to be familiar with Maven to build and run tests easily. I wrote something about it when I was testing scribe against Yahoo's contact data at http://agilesc.barryku.com/?p=175.

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Interesting blog article :-) – KajMagnus Jun 10 '11 at 7:16

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