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In my Android app I create an AlertDialog that has a WebView inside. The WebView loads a webpage that requires the user to log in. However, when I click on text fields in the WebView, soft keyboard does not appear. I am aware of the issue in general (Android: Issue 7189); however, in my case the suggested solution does not seem to work since I use an external website, and not just a simple HTML form.

The perfect solution would be if the keyboard appeared when the user clicked on the website's text fields. However, having the keyboard appear together with theAlertDialog would also work. Any ideas?

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It seems that the best solution is to simply create a custom dialog. Custom dialogs do not appear to have the soft keyboard bug at all (it shows up exactly when it has to). Here's some basic code:

Dialog dialog = new Dialog(this);
dialog.setTitle("My great title");

dialog.setFeatureDrawableResource(Window.FEATURE_LEFT_ICON, R.drawable.icon);

WebView vw = (WebView) dialog.findViewById(R.id.wv);
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please share your complete code. I am having same problem but I am not loading my webview in dialog. I am launching it in an Activity and pressing on any text field is not showing keyboard. help me –  AZ_ Jun 1 '11 at 15:42

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