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I have 3 Projects:

  • ParentProj (parent of A+B)
  • ProjA (is a module of ParentProj, contains sources)
  • ProjB (is a module of ParentProj, contains sources and tests)

Build order is: 1. ParentProj, 2. ProjA, 3. ProjB (could not be changed!)

I want to tell maven to execute a TestSuite that is located in ProjB. If I run the build with this command: mvn clean -e test -Dtest=AllServiceTests, the build will fail because maven could not find the "AllServiceTests"-class in ProjA, which is build before ProjB.

Is there any solution for this problem? (Changing the build order is no solution)

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I just found the solution:

clean install test -Dtest=myTestSuite -DfailIfNoTests=false 

-DfailIfNoTests=false will force maven to continue with the build if ProjA contains no Test classes.

That finally fixed my problem.

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Then you should mark this as the right answer. – AudioDroid Apr 7 '11 at 8:59
"You can accept your own answer tomorrow" ;-) – L.Butz Apr 7 '11 at 9:10

Have you looked into the --also-make and --projects options?

$ mvn --help

usage: mvn [options] [<goal(s)>] [<phase(s)>]

 -am,--also-make                        If project list is specified, also
                                        build projects required by the

 -pl,--projects <arg>                   Comma-delimited list of specified
                                        reactor projects to build instead
                                        of all projects. A project can be
                                        specified by [groupId]:artifactId
                                        or by its relative path.

Then I suppose this might work:

mvn clean test -pl ProjB -am -Dtest=AllServiceTests

Please post back and let us know if that works! I'm really curious. :)

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The simpliest solution is to change to the ProjB directory and execute your command line there.

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Well, that is no solution, because the nighlty build is done on a Bamboo Server and not on my local command line ;-) – L.Butz Apr 6 '11 at 14:29

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