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I have an Java EE 6 EAR-project with a couple of modules (jars & ejb). Assembling the EAR-file with the maven-ear-plugin, I basically want all artifacts to be packed / unexploded:

from the pom.xml of the parent file:


from the pom.xml of the ear file:


The problem is that the described unpack-switch seems to be completely ignored:

  • poc-common.jar (unpack=true) is packed
  • poc-persistence.jar (no unpack defined) is packed
  • poc-business.jar (unpack=false) is exploded

I'm working with Eclipse Helios / m2eclipse, but from my understanding this shouldn't matter much for the problem.

Can someone push me in the right direction?

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I was wrong with my assumption that Eclipse is not responsible for the problem. As a matter of fact, maven from the command line does what it's supposed to do, it's "just" the rather complex integration of m2-eclipse and jboss-tools which seems to ignore the settings in question.

mvn package does exactly do what it's supposed to do :-)

A whole week of migrating an ant-based Java EE 5 project to maven and Java EE 6 taught me the hard way that Maven on JBoss in Eclipse is a whole lot different than Maven on the command line...

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