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I have a console application, added a resource file (.resx) in the project, and I added a string like this:

**Name**                        **Value**

ArgInvalid            The arguments are invalid...

                      \t/a\t\tShow all the result.

Then in the program, I wrote Console.WriteLine(Resource.ArgInvalid);

but what it shows is \t/a\t\tShow all the result. What I want is that \t should be treated as tab, so how to make it print string as following:

      /a                      Show all the result.
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This is answered in: tabbing in C# resource file

Enter the tab character in your resource file rather than \t - \t is something interpretted by C#, but not all languages.

If you really want to leave \t in your resource file, then you'll have to do:

Console.WriteLine(Resource.ArgInvalid.Replace("\\t", "\t")

This will replace the \t characters in the resource string with actual tab characters.

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+1 - resource files are language independent. "\t" is a C# specific escape sequence. –  MattDavey Apr 6 '11 at 12:15

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