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I´m trying to inject an existing instance of a class into my view, but the view only receive a default instance of my class.

Here is my export in a view model class

 [Export("BLA", typeof(vmObject))]
    public vmObject VMObject
            return vmObject;
            if (value != vmObject)
                vmObject = value;
                this.RaisePropertyChanged<vmObject>(() => this.VMObject);

On demand, my view model loads another view which should receive the exported class. I already have checked that class vmObject has been initialized as expected

tRegionManager.RequestNavigate("vInfoAuthorizationField", new Uri("/vInfoAuthorizationField", UriKind.Relative));

My import

[Import("BLA", AllowRecomposition = true, AllowDefault = false)]
    public vmObject VMObject { get; set; }

How can i fix this?

Update I could solve the problem by myself

I added the following line to the bootstrapper


After that, I could import the CompositionContainer into my view model and following method solved the import / export problem

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You should add your solution as an answer and accept it so others can see too. –  Garo Yeriazarian May 13 '11 at 20:21
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