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Is it possible to have a ValidationMessageFor helper only display the error message for one of the field's validators. For example if I had a field in my model like this:

[Remote("SymbolUnique", "RemoteValidation", ErrorMessage = "A document already exists in the database for the entered symbol")]
public string Symbol { get; set; }

I wouldn't want to show the message for required, being happy with just the visual indication of the textbox being highlighted, but show the message for the remote validator. If I set the ErrorMessage parameter of the required attribute to an empty string I get an error for setting both the ErrorMessage and ErrorMessageResourceName as the framework starts being too clever...

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I know it's ugly but this will work

public class CustomeRequired : RequiredAttribute
    public CustomeRequired()
        this.ErrorMessage = "";
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I had considered a custom required validator but was hoping there was a more elegant solution to what is really a configuration rather than implementation problem. However in lieu of any other suggestions its accepted! –  robwilliams May 24 '11 at 14:37

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