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I have some string name and I want to compare whether that string contains substring like "_thumb.png".

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Please check the more complete answer to this here: stackoverflow.com/questions/2753956/… –  TCB13 Jun 13 '13 at 20:45

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[string rangeOfString:string1].location!=NSNotFound

rangeOfString: documentation.

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You can try this:

NSString *originalString;
NSString *compareString;

Let your string in stored in originalString and the substring that you want to compare is strored in compareString.

if ([originalString rangeOfString:compareString].location==NSNotFound)
NSLog(@"Substring Not Found");

NSLog(@"Substring Found Successfully");

I hope this code will help you!!

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ssteinberg's answer looks pretty good, but there is also this:

NSRange textRange;
textRange =[string rangeOfString:substring];

if(textRange.location != NSNotFound)

//Does contain the substring

which I found here.

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NSString *string = @"hello bla bla";
if ([string rangeOfString:@"bla"].location == NSNotFound) {
NSLog(@"string does not contain bla");
}  else {
 NSLog(@"string contains bla!");
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