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I have a dynamically generated form but I can't do anything with it since Django required a csrf_token in every POST form.

My form is generated via:

  '<form class="form-book-add" id="{0}" method="post" action="/books/add/">'
  // Django requires a CSRF token here. How do I add it via Javascript?
  + '<input type="hidden" id="book-asin" value="'+asin+'"/>'
  + '<input type="hidden" id="book-title" value="'+details['title']+'"/>'
  + '<input type="hidden" id="book-author" value="'+details['author']+'"/>'
  + '<input type="hidden" id="book-cover" value="'+details['cover']+'"/>'
  + '<input type="hidden" id="book-url" value="'+details['url']+'"/>'
  + '<input type="hidden" id="book-isbn" value="'+details['isbn']+'"/>'
  + '<input type="submit" id="btn-book-add" value="Add"/>'
  + '</form></div>'.format(i)
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If your form is generated dynamically django template engine will not parse it thus you do not need CSRF token. Or i have missed something? –  Eldar Djafarov Apr 6 '11 at 11:01

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you have 2 options, first exclude csrf verification for the view - easiest, unsecure.

second, set input of csrfmiddlewaretoken to the value from the cookie csrftoken.

django docs has a nice example of something similar (from that example you will need just the part which extracts cookie value).

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