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<ul class="name-email-list">
      <li>xxxx<strong> tttttt</strong><a href="#." class="icon-close"></a></li>
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jQuery documentation
First get your content and append it to some element:



jQuery documentation
First get some element and append it your content:


As you can see either of them can be used. They work the opposite way. Use the one that's easier to understand.

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$('.name-email-list').append('<li>New  li </li>')
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You could use the .append() method:

$('ul.name-email-list').append('<li>xxxx<strong> tttttt</strong><a href="#." class="icon-close"></a></li>');
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Use the append function:

$('ul.name-email-list').append('<li>xxxx<strong> tttttt</strong><a href="#." class="icon-close"></a></li>');

But beware, that you need to reference your ul in a way, that only the targeted ul is selected. e.g. by ensuring, that only one ul has this class, or by giving the ul an id.

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