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I want to change the order of column e.g; name is first column of my table and there are 10 other columns in table i want to insert a new column in 2nd position after name column. How is this possible


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This isn't possible without rebuilding the table. –  Martin Smith Apr 6 '11 at 11:41

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1 - It's not possible without rebuilding the table, as Martin rightly points out.

2 - It's a good practice anyways to specify what fields you want and in what order in your SELECT statements as n8wrl points out.

3 - If you really really need a fixed order on your fields, could create a view that selects the fields you want in the order you want.

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Like the rows in the table, there is no meaning to the order of the columns. In fact, it is best to specify the order you want the columns in your select statements rather than using select *, so you can 'insert' new columns wherever you want just by writing your SELECT statements accordingly.

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+1 This answer should probably explain that it isn't possible though rather than just telling the OP they shouldn't want to do this anyway! –  Martin Smith Apr 6 '11 at 11:42

Its possible to change the order. In some instances it really matters. have a personal experience. Anyway..this query works fine.

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