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I have a flash project that shall target different platforms. However - code is not completely the same for the different platforms.

using compiler statements and config blocks like

    ...mobile specific code here...

I can easily maintain the different versions within the same project.

However - there should also be different mainapp-app.xml files be used for the different versions - or depending on the compiler flags different content within the mainapp-app.xml

how can I do that?

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Great question. Indeed, you can create multiple config.xml files in your project and link to these config files via compiler arguments. I generally use ANT to do this as it makes the build process simple. But if you don't have ANT setup, simply right click on your project, select ActionScript Compiler and add the following to the list of additional compiler arguments:


Note that the config folder is relative to the project root. I generally put my config files in this folder. I wrote a detailed post on how to perform conditional compilation in AS3 on my blog. Visit http://www.willjohnson.me/blog/?p=146 for detailed instructions.

I hope this answered your question.



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very cool! thanks for the read! –  Mat Jun 16 '11 at 13:20

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