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class YY

   int a=0;
   void putValue(int m)
    inner x=new inner();
   class inner
    void display()
       System.out.println("value of a:"+a);

class InnerYY
   public static void main(String args[])
    YY ob=new YY();
    YY.inner i = new YY.inner();

while running this program i'm getting the following error... an enclosing instance that contains YY.inner is required YY.inner i = new YY.inner(); ^ 1 error

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possible duplicate of An enclosing instance that contains <my reference> is required – Joshua Taylor Sep 26 '13 at 12:40

Your Inner class is non-static, so you havee to instantiate it with an instance of YY.

In your case that is Inner inner = Inner();

Note that:

  • If you want that class public, you can refer to it as YY.Inner (but you can't instantiate it that way)

  • by convention you must use capitalized class names (Inner rather than inner). That said, I think it's worth mentioning that usually in Java (but that's not as imperative as the capitalized class name) the opening curly bracket stays on the same line.

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To reference YY, InnerYY would have to actually be inside YY (moved before the closing break). However you then couldn't have a static main function, which appears to be what it's for.

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You try to create non-static inner class from static call YY.inner(). So you need to create object yy = new YY() and then call inner = new yy.inner(). Or to make inner class static.

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