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I am looking to include a very basic 3D world in my applet, basically like 80x80x80(whatever units) box with moving cubes or something. The focus is not on the 3D world itself but rather to propagate 3D sound depending on location/direction of other avatars and such.

A second criteria is that the solution is lightweigth and dosn't require any additional installation from the user other than JVM, if possible.

I've been looking at this site and others and it seems Java3D and JmonkeyEngine are good candidates, but do you know anything else, and can you recommend one over the other using the criteria I mentioned above?


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You might want to look at a similar question i asked recently.

Cross browser plugin for 3D visualization

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As I mentioned jmonkeyengine is something I am interested in, have you tried it? –  KaiserJohaan Apr 6 '11 at 13:13

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