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ArrayList marks = new ArrayList();
Double sum = 0.0;
sum = ((Double)marks.get(i));

Everytime I try to run my program, I get a ClassCastException that states: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to java.lang.Double

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We can cast an int to a double but we can't do the same with the wrapper classes Integer and Double:

 int     a = 1;
 Integer b = 1;   // inboxing, requires Java 1.5+

 double  c = (double) a;   // OK
 Double  d = (Double) b;   // No way.

This shows the compile time error that corresponds to your runtime exception.

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Well the code you've shown doesn't actually include adding any Integers to the ArrayList - but if you do know that you've got integers, you can use:

sum = (double) ((Integer) marks.get(i)).intValue();

That will convert it to an int, which can then be converted to double. You can't just cast directly between the boxed classes.

Note that if you can possibly use generics for your ArrayList, your code will be clearer.

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specify your marks:

List<Double> marks = new ArrayList<Double>();

This is called generics.

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If the ArrayList was full of Doubles then he would not get a ClassCastException. The array must be full of integers, right? –  Gray Apr 6 '11 at 12:32
@Gray - one Integer is enough ;) –  Andreas_D Apr 6 '11 at 12:55

Changing an integer to a double

int abc=12; //setting up integer "abc"


The code will output integer "abc" as a double, which means that it will display as "12.0". Notice how there is a decimal place, indicating that this precision digit has been stored.

Same with double if you want to change it back,

double number=13.94;


This code will print on one line, "number" as an integer. The output will be "13". Notice that the value has not been rounded up, the data has actually been omitted.

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This means that your ArrayList has integers in some elements. The casting should work unless there's an integer in one of your elements.

One way to make sure that your arraylist has no integers is by declaring it as a Doubles array.

    ArrayList<Double> marks = new ArrayList<Double>();
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