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I have written a webapplication for payroll system which can do (insert,update,delete) to mysql database.

I want to know

how many transaction happened in mysql database ?
how many transaction happened in mysql database during start_time and end_time ?

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aren't there any MySQL log files ?? –  evotopid Apr 6 '11 at 12:58

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MySQL has command counters. They can be seen with SHOW GLOBAL STATUS LIKE "COM\_%". Each execution of a command increments the counter associated with it. Transaction related counters are Com_begin, Com_commit and Com_rollback. Also Uptime is the number of seconds since server start. Reading and graphing these values or their delta yields the information you ask for.

There are also counters for Com_insert, Com_update, Com_delete and variations thereof. You might want to graph these as well.

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thanks @Isotopp your solution is simple and exactly what i was looking for. mysql - documentation show status like 'com_select'; –  Nandha Apr 7 '11 at 5:24

Not sure this the answer you are looking for you I've heard that the following JDBC logger is very useful for tracking what an application is doing to a database. It should show where your application is opening and commiting transactions. You should then be able to write some scripts to process the logs to determine the number transactions.


It basically sits between your application and the real database driver. You add a log4jdbc prefix to your JDBC URL. For example, if your normal jdbc url is


then you would change it to:

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