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I have a problem in SystemC trying to write a signal after some time passes...

Consider the following:

process (clk)
      -- Updating my signal, out signal, in order to get result, but after a certain delay.
      signal1 <= '0' after 2 ns;

OK! I can do the same in SystemC:

SC_CTOR(MyModule) {
   sensitive << ....
void mymethod() {
   mysig = '0'; // HOW TO SAY AFTER 2 NS?????????

How can I specify a delay for signal assignment in SystemC????

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I'm forgetting SC syntax already, but it should be similar to GBL, the write function should take an optional delay parameter, like mysig.write(0, 2*SC_NS); In GBL it's either mysig.Write(0, 2*ns); or alternative syntax: mysig(2*ns) = 0;

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I think you can wait(2, SC_NS); in SC_THREADs, but not in a SC_METHODs. (AFAIK, you're not allowed to wait in SC_METHODs.)

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no you can't use wait in SC_METHOD. wait() function calls yeild on current fiber, and there is no where to switch to, so it would cause a crash. –  Gene Bushuyev Jun 7 '11 at 2:52
I had the same question and was unable to find what Gene is talking about. The way I ended up doing it was a separate wait() statement followed by the assignment. –  Rich Dec 18 '12 at 16:12

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