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I'm trying to build a VERY simple web server. I got it to work. Right now I use an InputStream and stop at the end of the first line. I figured I could stop when a -1 is returned (since that would be the end of the stream) but it freezes. Why?

OutputStream out=new BufferedOutputStream( connection.getOutputStream() ); 
InputStream in = new BufferedInputStream( connection.getInputStream() );

// read in one line
StringBuffer request = new StringBuffer(1000);
System.out.println("get connection reading in data \r");
  //  if (c=='\r') break;
  if (c==-1) break;
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reading one character at a time will be slow... I'd wrap a BufferedInputStream around the socket's input stream and use readLine to read one line at a time. – MeBigFatGuy Apr 6 '11 at 13:07
I'm sure this should be in meta, but why do we have to wait for approvals for edits? Especially source code formatting edits that GREATLY IMPROVE THE READABILITY of the question? – KevinDTimm Apr 6 '11 at 13:19

You're waiting for the client to close its connection - it's not going to do that, because it's waiting for the response!

You need to read the request and work out when it's completed based on the headers.

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