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I'm trying to get RoR 3 installed on my Windows 7 Installation with IIS 7.5 using FastCGI.

So far, I have gotten Ruby on Rails installed and it works using 'rails server' and I can see the site on http://localhost:3000, but I want to run this site in IIS. I have setup the FastCGI application, and have set all of the permissions (that I can think of) to allow this to work, but all I am getting is a 500 error when browsing to the IIS site

HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error
F:\Ruby\bin\ruby.exe - The FastCGI process exited unexpectedly

Any ideas on how I can debug why this is happening. When I enable Failed Request Tracing, all I see there is FASTCGI_UNEXPECTED_EXIT. In the details of the log, I see this:

   FASTCGI_UNEXPECTED_EXIT  ** This is where the error is

I am not sure where to begin to debug this issue, or if this setup is even supported.

Just to throw in there: I am also trying to use URL Rewrite. Everything I have found online already uses a rewrite to a '.fcgi' for the handler to use, but I'm not sure if this is needed for Rails 3. If so, how is this file generated?

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You might want to try using Helicon Zoo. It relies on the Microsoft Web Platform Installer to do all the heavy lifting of setting up FastCGI properly.

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My recommendation: don't. (sorry, I just had to say that) But really, the last thing I would want to do would be to try and monkey wrench RoR into a windows box. RoR just wasn't made for it. Why not setup an instance in a cloud at Rackspace or Amazon? It costs less than your internet connection at home for a simple starter instance. Also, Amazon has a free tier so you can mess around without being charged.

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