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I'm in an app that is on Rails 2.3.8, and need to return an array of month names and numbers to be plugged into an options_for_select statement. What I've got so far is kind of working, but not really. The reason I'm doing things this way is because the select statement needs a prompt, which you can't give options_for_select by default in 2.3.8 (at least to my knowledge).

Here is what I have so far:

@months = [['-', '']]
(1..12).each {|m| @months << [[Date::MONTHNAMES[m], m]]}

So what I'm looking to get returned are options like this:

<option value="1">January</option>
<option value="2">February</option>

However, instead I get:

<option value="January1">January1</option>
<option value="February2">February2</option>

What am I missing?

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Try this!

@months = [['-', '']]
(1..12).each {|m| @months << [Date::MONTHNAMES[m], m]}
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Yep, too many brackets. You can compress it even more using map, and pass it to options_for_select: options_for_select((1..12).map {|m| [Date::MONTHNAMES[m], m]}). – Douglas F Shearer Apr 6 '11 at 14:28
@Douglas: I would upvote your answer if you had left it as one :) – iWasRobbed Apr 28 '11 at 14:13
This is awesome! And brilliant update by @DouglasFShearer! This is exactly one of the reasons I'm moving to Ruby from Python, lol – Dmitry Dec 5 '12 at 22:50
Date::MONTHNAMES.each_with_index.collect{|m, i| [m, i]}
=> [[nil, 0], 
    ["January", 1], 
    ["February", 2], 
    ["March", 3], 
    ["April", 4], 
    ["May", 5], 
    ["June", 6], 
    ["July", 7], 
    ["August", 8], 
    ["September", 9], 
    ["October", 10], 
    ["November", 11], 
    ["December", 12]]

Abbreviated selection with default option

Date::ABBR_MONTHNAMES.compact.each_with_index.collect{|m, i| [m, i+1]}
                     .insert(0, ['Please Select', nil])
=> [["Please Select", nil], 
    ["Jan", 1], 
    ["Feb", 2], 
    ["Mar", 3], 
    ["Apr", 4], 
    ["May", 5], 
    ["Jun", 6], 
    ["Jul", 7], 
    ["Aug", 8], 
    ["Sep", 9], 
    ["Oct", 10], 
    ["Nov", 11], 
    ["Dec", 12]]
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You can use rails helper select_month, like:

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Working for ROR 4

select_month(0 , prompt: 'Choose month')
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If you want it to be translated to the selected language.

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