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I've developed an app working on 4.2 firmware, now that 4.3 is out I'm experiencing crashes with the error EXC_BAD_ACCESS. The error happen when I put a pin (or more) on a map, the weird thing is that on 4.2 devices and sim everything runs fine.

I've isolated the problem and was bout a custom animation that I used to emulate the drop pin animation with custom MKAnnotationview. I can't understand the problem in that method, thinking about zombies I also retained the view array without success. Can someone help me?

Here is the actual code:

- (MKAnnotationView *)mapView:(MKMapView *)mapView viewForAnnotation:(id <MKAnnotation>)annotation {


 CLLocation *pinLocation=[[CLLocation alloc]initWithLatitude:annotation.coordinate.latitude longitude:annotation.coordinate.longitude];
 CLLocationDistance dist=[self.myLocation distanceFromLocation:pinLocation];
 [pinLocation release];*/

if(NSClassFromString(@"MKUserLocation") == [annotation class]) {
    return nil;
static NSString *Identifier=@"store";
MKAnnotationView *pin=(MKAnnotationView*)[mapView dequeueReusableAnnotationViewWithIdentifier:Identifier]; 
if(!pin) {//FIXME: Subclass the pin for clean the code
    MKAnnotationView  *pinView=[[[MKAnnotationView alloc]initWithAnnotation:annotation reuseIdentifier:Identifier]autorelease];

    if([((StoreAnnotation*)pinView.annotation).storeType isEqualToString:@"standard"] ){
        UIImage *pinImage=[UIImage imageNamed:@"StorePin.png"];
    }else {
        UIImage *pinImage=[UIImage imageNamed:@"MultiStorePin.png"];
    pinView.centerOffset=CGPointMake(0, 0);

    return pinView;
}else {

    if ([((StoreAnnotation*)pin.annotation).storeType isEqualToString:@"standard" ]){
        UIImage *pinImage=[UIImage imageNamed:@"StorePin.png"];
    else {
        UIImage *pinImage=[UIImage imageNamed:@"MultiStorePin.png"];
    pin.centerOffset=CGPointMake(0, 0);

    return pin;
return nil;

- (void)mapView:(MKMapView *)mapView didAddAnnotationViews:(NSArray *)views {


    MKAnnotationView *customPin; 
    for (customPin in views) {
        CGRect endFrame = customPin.frame;

        customPin.frame = CGRectMake(customPin.frame.origin.x, customPin.frame.origin.y - 230.0, customPin.frame.size.width, customPin.frame.size.height);

        [UIView beginAnimations:nil context:NULL];
        [UIView setAnimationDuration:0.35];
        [UIView setAnimationCurve:UIViewAnimationCurveEaseInOut];
        [customPin setFrame:endFrame];
        [UIView commitAnimations];


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Do you have any error messages or stack trace to post as well? Also what is supposed to be at the line pinView.dr ? –  Joe Apr 6 '11 at 14:08
yes here is a screenshot img193.imageshack.us/i/schermata20110406a12053.png –  Andrea Apr 6 '11 at 14:38
Company blocks imageshack but someone should be able to help you. –  Joe Apr 6 '11 at 14:46
Thank you anyway Joe also for edited the code I posted, it was screwed up =) –  Andrea Apr 6 '11 at 16:04

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