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I do this thing at lot of space so just want to check on what will be best practice in this case

if(ElementIsToBeShown)//This is java server side statement  
 }else{  //ServerSide

Or use JQuery.show and hide to do this ?

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Server side is always better, because it'll work immediately, and even if JavaScript is turned off.

The method you show is fine.

If this is to globally hide a certain type of elements, another option is giving the body tag a specific classname:

if(ElementIsToBeShown) //This is java server side statement   
   <body class="hide_elements">

(this is pseudo-code; you know what I mean)

and having the CSS contain the rule that if the body has that class, hide all elements of the class .Options:

body.hide_elements .Options { display: none }

this is nice because you can hard-code this into your CSS, and need to alter the body's class only. But as said, the method you show is fine as well.

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