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In my application i am creating and displaying a table at runtime. The table is developed in an Activity class. Everything working fine, only issue is the view of the table. There are four textviews in a row in the table. they are shown adjacently without seperation. How could i make a proper view with a definite space between textviews.

            text1.setText("24/02/2011"); //TextView text
            text2.setText("Andy");       //TextView text
            text3.setText("3");          //TextView text
            text4.setText("Repeat");     //TextView text
            tableRow.addView(text1);     //TableRow tableRow
            tableRow.addView(text2);     //TableRow tableRow
            tableRow.addView(text3);     //TableRow tableRow
            tableRow.addView(text4);     //TableRow tableRow
            dueTL.addView(tableRow);     //TableLayout dueTL

It display the data like : 24/02/2011Andy3Repeat

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You can add weight to each TextView, also be sure that your TableView has fill_parent in its width. Also check the padding and margins of the TextViews

I hope this helps

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If for some reason setting weights doesn't work for your situation, take a look at padding, paddingBottom, paddingLeft, paddingRight, and paddingTop in

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You could either manually add a space to the strings in "setText" or you could set a right margin, if the surrounding ViewGroup supports it, on the TextViews either in XML (layout_marginRight) or via Code (LayoutParams).

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