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Can you suggest a very very simple issue tracking widget. UserVoice, is a little too involved for us with their forums and what not. What we want is something that just allows people to send us an issue or note and grabs a URL.

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Hava a look at

It allows you to integrate to your internal Issue Tracking system (JIRA, BugZilla, Redmine, Basecamp etc.). Any feedback from your customers come, you can directly export it to ur external system. And it will keep track of its progress for you.

Liked, what they have done with their UI, plus you can add your own customizable fields to ask some specific info from your customers in the feedback widget.

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Getsatisfaction? BitBucket? Github? Google Code? All have issue trackers and, except for that last one, allow you to keep your code private, but your issues public.

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