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I am looking for a ldap query which return only Organizational Unit which are direct descendent of Domain

For example: I have ADDOMAIN01 which contains OUSales which has a child OU OUAutoMobiles. The issue is that when I search


it returns all OUs including OUAutomobiles, and I want only top level OUs just OUSales.

Also: if I want OUs of only OUSales not of entire Domain, what should be the query?


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When you write a SEARCH in LDAP you give :

  1. The DN of the nod where begin the search
  2. The attributes you want to retreive
  3. the filter ((&(objectCategory=organizationalunit))
  4. The deepness of your search and HERE it's OneLevel (not subtree, nor base)

With LDIFDE.EXE it's -p option


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Thanx, what is LDIFDE.EXE it's -p option ?????, also if we filter with ((&(objectCategory=organizationalunit)) it will return all OUs if the DN is set to DOMAIN –  BreakHead Apr 6 '11 at 15:34
LDIFDE.EXE is a tool present on Windows servers. It allow you to execute LDAP_SEARCH verbs or to import LDIF files. How do you code your search. –  JPBlanc Apr 6 '11 at 15:45

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