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I am not sure what the best and simplest way to do this, so any advice is appreciated.

I want to get all the fields on any/all/single domain entity class and add prefix/remove prefix dynamically when calling a particular method.

For example, I have entities such as:

public class Shop
 public string TypeOfShop{get;set}
 public string OwnerName {get;set}
 public string Address {get;set}

public class Garage
 public string Company {get;set}
 public string Name {get;set}
 public string Address {get;set}

and so on...

I want to get a list of the properties with a prefix:

public Class Simple
    public class Prop
     public string Name{get;set;}
     public string Value{get;set;}

    public ICollection list = new List<Prop>();

    //set all prop
    public void GetPropertiesWithPrefix(Garage mygarage, string prefix)
     list.Add(new Prop{Name = prefix + "_Company", Value = mygarage.Company});
     //so on... upto 50 props...


//to get this list I can simple call the list property on the Simple class

When reading each field I am using a switch statement and setting the value.

//Note I return a collection of Prop that have new values set within the view,lets say
//this is a result returned from a controller with the existing prop names and new values...

public MyGarage SetValuesForGarage(MyGarage mygarage, string prefix, ICollection<Prop> _props)

  foreach (var item in _prop)
     case prefix + "Company":
     mygarage.Company = item.Value;
     //so on for each property...




Is there a better, simpler or more elegant way to do this with linq or otherwise?

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You could store props in a dictionary, then have:

mygarage.Company = _props[prefix + "_Company"];
mygarage.Address = _props[prefix + "_Address"];
//And so on...

in your SetValuesForGarage method instead of a loop with a switch inside.


For more info on using Dictionary see MSDN.

You can define list something like:

Dictionary<string, string> list = new Dictionary<string, string>();

And have something like the following in your GetPropertiesWithPrefix method:

list.Add(prefix + "_Company", mygarage.Company);
list.Add(prefix + "_Address", mygarage.Address);
//And so on...

This would eliminate your Prop class.

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This Prop class gets given to this method from the service layer, hence why I use it, I could .ToDictionary() this list but I am keeping in mind data checking + persisting, the above example takes care of setting the value but after this example I forget I needed validation, the thing is, even if I use a dictionary it is almost the same lines of code as the foreach loop and switch statement... In short it does not sound like there is a too better way of doing this? – Haroon Apr 8 '11 at 8:32

Maybe the following method works for you. It takes any object, looks up its properties and returns a list with your Prop objects, each for every property.

public class PropertyReader
    public static List<Prop> GetPropertiesWithPrefix(object obj, string prefix)
        if (obj == null)
            return new List<Prop>();

        var allProps = from propInfo
                       in obj.GetType().GetProperties()
                       select new Prop()
                           Name = prefix + propInfo.Name,
                           Value = propInfo.GetValue(obj, null) as string
        return allProps.ToList();
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This is really good, I need to have a think if I can apply this to my code... – Haroon Apr 8 '11 at 8:33

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