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SourceSafe Related Error message I got in Visual Studio 2010 when I tried to edit a file:

     File is already checked out by the current user in a different location 


  • For some reason source safe saved the files 3 directories deep.
  • For Example, The solution files were located in: VS2010Apps\CCP_Utility\CCP_Utility\CCP_Utility\
  • The solution files should be in the root directory: VS2010Apps\CCP_Utility
  • I moved the files to VS2010Apps\CCP_Utility to create this error and now I can't edit my project....


  • How can I edit my files again and keep the correct directory structure???
  • Do I Just delete the source safe files and re-add it to source safe or what?
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It sounds like VSS is expecting those files in a particular directory. To solve this:

  • find and make the path that VSS is expecting; the one with ccp_utility x 3.
  • check-in (all files) to VSS.
  • if you don't care about version history at this point, delete the project from VSS.
  • disconnect/unbind your solution from version control.
  • make the directory layout on disk as you need.
  • drag & drop the root folder of your new layout on disk into VSS Explorer. Suggest make it a brand new path (aside your old project) in VSS, to avoid any complications.
  • you now have a 'new project' as far as VSS is concerned.
  • ensure your bindings are correct, and you should be able to continue as per normal.
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@p.cambell, thanks for your response. I did that and it worked. I would add to the list- to backup the project as a zip file first in case any problems arise. –  Brian McCarthy Apr 7 '11 at 15:00

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