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I am getting this error when trying to db2_prepare() a statement with PHP 5.3.3

I've done other db2_prepare statements without error, any idea what might be wrong here?

"Error: 42601: Token '?' was not valid. Valid tokens: ROW ROWS. SQLCODE=-104"

This is the line of code I am having trouble on.

$sql_featRand = "SELECT filine, fiitem FROM files.tablex ORDER BY RAND() FETCH FIRST ? ROWS ONLY";
$db_prepRand = db2_prepare($dbConnection, $sql_featRand); if ($db_prepRand === FALSE) { echo "Unable to prepare statement- Error: " . db2_stmt_error() . ": " . db2_stmt_errormsg(); die(); }

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This is because you can't use a parameter marker in the FETCH FIRST n ROWS clause. You have to specify a real value.

Unfortunately this means that you'll either have to prepare multiple statements or just stop fetching rows after reading the number of rows you're interested in.

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Thanks, I ended up just doing "FETCH FIRST $limit ROWS ONLY" and preparing it with that. The variable isn't set by the user so I think it should be safe that way? – Bead Apr 6 '11 at 19:35
Yes, that shouldn't be an issue. Even if $limit were set by the user, it would only mean that the same statement might be prepared multiple times (with only the FETCH FIRST changing). – Ian Bjorhovde Apr 7 '11 at 16:06

You have to have a db2_execute statement that converts the ? in your prepared select statement to a number.

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