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I am receiving Multitouch events (TUIO) through a plugin in Firefox. I have a Javascript file that manages those signals and I can play with them in a browser as TUIO.

What I would like is some kind of wrapper, that transforms one input signal (one TUIO means: positionX and positionY and 'click') into a mouseEvent with posX and posY, in a way that I can use this mouse event as a normal mouse to browse internet through google for example (in other words, I want to browse pages that I haven't writen explicitly).

I have tried to create 2 frames. One with the javascript code, sending mouseEvents to the second frame where the 'real internet' is, using "dispatchEvent(simulatedMouseEvent)".

My problem: I can dispatch the mouseEvent to a button [I paste code below]; but I cannot dispatch the event into a frame to simulate a real mouse with position X and Y. So, first I don't know if doing this parsing from an input to a mouseEvent is possible, but right know is like the mouseEvent coordinates are totally ignored. Second, I have read that this exchange of info between frames can be a segurity risk, so I start thinking what I want to do is forbidden.

Here I paste the function that sends the mouseEvent to a specific frame (that does not work as I would like).

function tuioHandler(posX, posY){   
            var simulatedEvent = document.createEvent("MouseEvents");  

            simulatedEvent.initMouseEvent ('click', true, true, window, 0,
                                                       posX, posY, posX, posY,
                                                   false, false, false, false,
                                                    0, null);

            //Button in one html -> WORKS FINE
            var cb = document.getElementById("button_events");
            cb.dispatchEvent (simulatedEvent);

            //Button in other html -> WORKS FINE
            var cb1 = window.parent.frames[1].document.getElementById("button_1");

            //Send the event to a complete frame where the posicion shoudl play a role -> DOES NOT WORK

            log("[tuioHandler] add: x=" + posX + ", y=" + posY);


Thanks a lot for your help. Chema

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