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Whats the best way to make classes/objects in Lua? What is the most efficient method? What is the most elegant way? Or would it be best to just use the lua class library?

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Your question is very generic. There is no "best" way, since each person's requirements vary.

Here is a (very short and incomplete!) list of questions that you might ask yourself before deciding:

  • How efficient do I want to make method access from instances?
  • Do I want multiple inheritance?
  • Do I want to have support for static/class methods?
  • When a method is changed in a class, do I want the instances to use that method, or conserve the old version?
  • How important is speed versus memory usage, for my needs?
  • Do I want first-class classes (classes being instances of the class Class, like in Ruby) or am I ok with them being second-class (like in C++)
  • Do I want interfaces? Mix-ins? meta-method support?
  • Do I care if the lib is very big (in lines of code), or very small?

Depending on the answer to those questions, one implementation will be better suited to your needs. In all implementations, classes and instances are tables. In most solutions, except crazy-speed related ones with no regards of memory usage, metatables and metamethods are involved.

For my personal needs, my own library, middleclass, is best option. I called it "middleclass" since it attempts to be a middle point between something completely high-level, with first-class classes, and the very low-level, where classes just copy methods to their instances. It is reasonably efficient, and at the same time the implementation is small; ~120 LOC with comments. But your needs might differ from mine.

You can find a very comprehensive list of libraries on the Object Oriented Programming page of the lua-users wiki.

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Use a table to store variables and functions. Recall that functions are a type in Lua, so can be stored in a table.


That will show you all you need to know

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