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I will need to build a C# WPF application with an embedded database (so user does not need to install a database or a database server). My application have concurrently insertion (up to 50) and each 50 of these insertion could occur concurrently every 10ms (so in 10ms I get 50 different data into the same Table).

I will then need to save all these datas together with some setting (e.g. TextBoxes) to a file so I open these data and setting values to the application at a later time.

I am new to database - is SQLite good enough as an embedded database for such application? Does MySQL or PostgreSQL offer something embedded? And can I save a bunch of database data to a file?

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Try SQL Server Compact 4.0 –  Thomas Li Apr 6 '11 at 16:50

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SQLite or SQL Server Compact would both work fine for this, from the sound of your requirements.

VistaDB is another potential option, if you want to use the same syntax as SQL Server but need >4GB (CE's limitations).

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