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I'm making a websites with some audiofiles. So now I'm a bit stuck. I have to create a formula that converts f.ex; 3:11 into milliseconds. Should I use a while loop to do that?

<category id="cat2"/>
            <thumbnail url="admin/imgsupl/<? echo $row["thumbnail"]; ?>" />
            <pdf url="admin/docsupl/<? echo $row["filedownload"]; ?>" />
            <video url="admin/docsupl/alixir.flv" title="Alixir video"/>
            $ThisFileInfo = $getID3->analyze("../admin/docsupl/".$row["voice_over_mp3"]);
            $ThisFileInfo['playtime_string']; //3:11


I can't manage to find an exact formula as well...


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You can split the string by ":", and then you'll have minutes in one var and seconds in another. You then convert both of them to integers and multiply:

(minutes*60 + seconds) * 1000
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Converting should not be necessary. According to this, getID3 returns a playtime_seconds array element as well, counting the seconds. Then it's as easy as

$milliseconds =  $ThisFileInfo["playtime_seconds"] * 1000;
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